Econdo Production develops a block of cottages in Gargzdai

Lithuanian-Norwegian Company Econdo Production, JSC, producing wooden panel houses is planning to build a block of cottages in Gargzdai. It is planned to construct 7 cottages where new occupants will be able to move in by spring of the following year. Project investments will reach about 1,9 million Lt. expected value of one square metre (with full interior and exterior finishing) – from 3500 to 4500 LTL (1014 – 1301 EUR). Cottage areas – from 100 to 120 square metres.


“We have chosen Gargzdai because of its favorable environment. We are also located in this town, so we can see positive changes that have happened here recently. In Klaipeda District it is common practice to build new houses “in the middle of a field”, where no infrastructure is developed, poor communication, kindergartens, schools, clinics are located in at least 10 km away from blocks of individual houses. Meanwhile, in Garzgdai these institutions are reachable by hand, and Klaipeda City center is at a distance of 18 km. Thus, we believe that people both from Gargzdai and Klaipeda will settle in the cottages built according to our project,” Adomas Giedraitis, Director of Econdo Production, JSC that is developing the project, said.


According to him, only 19 new houses have been built in Gargzdai within the last decade. And there are no panel houses within the territory of Klaipėda District. Furthermore, number of inhabitants in Gargzdai is not decreasing since 2006 but remains stable in contrast with almost all other Lithuanian cities and towns.


The new block of cottages developed in Kvietiniu st. at 1ha land plot will consist of 3 buildings, which are to contain 7 cottages. Terraces looking to the southwest are planned to be built as well as private patios and a children’s playground. The project is being developed following strict construction standards in accordance to standards of European Union, Norway and Lithuania. Only high-quality construction materials and technologies are going to be used for construction.


Hybrid air-water-air system is to be installed in the houses, which can perform three functions: to heat and cool down premises and heat water for residential use. All these functions are to be performed by aerothermal heat pumps, which make heat input (evaluating 7-month heating season) cheaper for up to 2 Lt/sq. m. per month.


Construction of the cottages is expected to be completed in spring of the year 2015. Infrastructure, area improvement works will take most of the time. The houses will be made of frames manufactured at the plant of Econdo Production, which will be later filled with heating and insulation materials. It is planned that panel house will be assembled at a construction site within just 5 days.


The new houses will meet their inhabitants by fully developed infrastructure: properly built roads, access ways, pedestrian paths, fences. It is also planned to plant plots with trees, grass, to build a playground for children, and to install illumination.

Financial partner of the project – Nordea Bank; Real Estate Agency “Oberhaus” will handle sales. 


Wooden elements for multi-apartment project produced by Econdo Production

The latest work of Econdo Production – was a project in cooperation with Norwegian company „Stornoway Property AS“, in accordance to which Econdo Production designed and produced wooden elements for multi-apartment project ADAXPARKEN., which was finished in autumn, 2014, and located in the center of Stornoway city, Vestfold, Norway.

Norwegian architect studio „LMR architekcture“ made a decision for implementation of a project of  3500 sq.m. to chose wooden house elements, panels, decorative facade and roof elements produced by Econdo Production, thus creating a natural integration to the local landscape.