About the company


Econdo Production has started its activities in 2007, when a modern factory was opened in Gargždai. The parent company is a Norwegian enterprise Rebelio AS. 

The main direction of Econdo Production is the production of assembled prefabricated houses. The production of the company ranges from small holiday cottages to residential houses and cottages of different size for families to the elements for apartment blocks, hotels, healthcare institutions, entertainment complexes, schools and other buildings. 

Econdo Production exports the majority of its production to Norway, but recently the demand for prefabricated houses has been significantly increasing in the Lithuanian market and the company is becoming more active in it.

The main customers of the company in Norway are the companies Facta Utvikling and IEC-HUS.  Econdo Production is also a member of  Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.



In 2010, the company received a   Technical Approval, which ensures that the whole production process of the company is compliant with the strict requirements of   for consumption of materials and production quality assurance. 

The team of the company is comprised of Lithuanian and Norwegian employees. Currently the company employs 42 employees, 16 work in administration.